Global Internship

The Global Internship is the bridge between cultures and continents, developing global programs to expand students' international education. An International Internship program is a work experience located outside our country India. The work is usually with a company, government or non-government entity, a research group or institute or some other organization allowing hands-on experience in a student's major area of educational concentration or career interest.

Global Internship Program are also your chance to explore yourself with education and your global career through a 2 week rotation in another country with the support of Tru Interns. This is not a vacation or a fun to do program. It’s an opportunity for students who have already accepted an internship offer with Tru Interns in their home country to expand their experience. Global interns are assigned to client engagement teams and work alongside talented professionals. During this program, you will benefited with mentoring, performance management and have access to our top-rated training and Tru Interns

Benefits of Global Internships at Tru Interns
  • Improve foreign language skills
  • Personal, academic, and professional growth
  • Expand your global network
  • Career Evaluation
  • Become a Global Explorer
  • Earn academic credit & fulfill academic goals.
What is the value of an international Internship?
  • Engineering careers are becoming increasingly international in their scope and areas of responsibility. Participating in a work abroad experience builds the intercultural awareness needed for professional success – no matter where you work.
  • According to National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey, employers’ citied cross-cultural competencies as one of the four major sets of criteria they use when hiring graduates for a global job market.
  • A Global Software Course International Internship allows you to greatly enhance your language skills.
  • Students who incorporate international experience into their education develop independence and flexibility.
  • An international internship allows you to gain professional experience in your field of interest and test whether this area makes sense as a long-term career choice.
  • They can open significant opportunities to build a network of contacts with industry professionals, peers, advisors and others who can be of help throughout your career.
  • Finally, an international internship can provide great opportunities for personal enrichment, travel and grace fun at all times of learning.